Top Five Reasons for a Bathroom Renovation

While your bathroom is not the first thing you look at in your own home, the same does not go for potential buyers and realtors. In fact, out of all the other rooms inside your house, the bathroom is the best way for people to assess how you take care of your own home. If you decide to go AGAINST investing in your own bathroom and renovating it, these five reasons below should help convince you why such a bathroom renovation is likely to give you tremendous upsides in the long run.

  1. People NEED/USE Bathrooms Much like we need the kitchen for us to prepare our food, we need bathrooms to excrete our wastes and take care of our bodies. Given this need for a bathroom, it is understandable that it goes under tremendous traffic all of the time and this means that it is subject to all kinds of dirt, stains, molds, etc.
  2. With all those things that could possibly make it look worse than it is, renovating a bathroom is perfectly reasonable if you want to make it look good. A Clean Bathroom is a Sanctuary clean bathroom is only clean if it is cleaned often and undergoes proper renovation every ten years or so. If left as it is when it was first built, even if you clean it, the bathroom will rarely feel like a safe haven for people to de stress and relax.
  3. Remember, a bathroom only becomes a sanctuary if you can soak away all of your stresses away once inside and that can only happen if you build your bathroom well, something you may have not done before when you first had your house built.3.     A Newly Renovated Bathroom Adds SIGNIFICANT Market Value Realtors often look at two things in the house first after they see it fit to see the insides of your house and these are the kitchen and the bathroom. Remember, if you plan on modernizing the majority of your house, the best way to do so is to include the bathroom with it, even if means you have to break your bank and go over your budget.
  4. Believe me, you will thank yourself for this decision later on once you decide to sell your house or want to increase its overall value.4.     A Renovation Can Help You Save Money Sure, you need to invest plenty of money to renovate your bathroom, but the newer eco-friendly and low consumption models that come with the renovation helps you save plenty of money – thousands of dollars – in the end.
  5. It is a Reflection of You Your bathroom is the best reflection of what you are as a person. Neglecting it means you do not mind neglecting parts of your house in favor of others and it shows what kind of person you are, and believe me, a dirty bathroom compared to other parts of the house does not bode well for a first impression.

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