The Many Different Markings of Cowhide

Many Different Markings of Cowhide

If you are interested in purchasing a cow hide rug, it can be a good idea to plan for your specific decorative needs. Cowhide rugs are unique in their durability and stunning presence, but not all of them are designed to suit every home. Like cows themselves, no two rugs are every alike, and knowing about the different markings and primary colors you can choose in your cowhide rug can allow you to make a better purchase for the future.

Many Different Markings of Cowhide


One of the most classic colors available, cowhide rugs with red markings are meant to cast a certain type of old-world appeal upon the room. These rugs are unique because of the different shades of red available. Everything from deep brown to soft roan are represented in this general hue, and there are numerous variations available that can add personality and style to the piece itself. Many of these rugs also feature solid sections of white. Because of the transitional nature of such colors, it can be easy to draw attention to the contrasting elements, especially if you already have a similarly traditional decor in mind for the room.


Black and dark cow hide rugs are beautiful and timeless. Black can go well with many different elements in any environment, and the central dark color can be used as both an accenting piece and a focal point. These rugs are unique because they come in all shades of black, ranging from pitch to gray. Similar to red hides, this variety may also feature different patterns and splotches of white. Their unique arrangement may be used to add variety to the room itself. Consider arranging furnishings and other pieces according to the specifics of the patterns. There is a lot of potential when it comes to matching and contrasting by color.


Pure white cowhide rugs are a decadent and attractive landscape to add to any home. Unlike the previous two pieces, these ones can be used in a contemporary decor setting. These rugs are typically defined by their solid field. Though some varieties are available in stark contrasting patterns, such as in sections of black and red, some of the most common variations include elements of gray and silver. Because of the smooth transitional effects that these rugs offer, it can be very easy to use them as centerpieces. Set them against a darker floor and marvel at how competently they can tie the rest of the room together.

These rugs do not need to be limited to the floor. Because of their vibrant colors and durable construction, they can be used as tapestries and hanging fixtures around the home. The cow hide rug offers something for everyone. They are highly resistant to wear and damage, and their hypoallergenic surface makes them perfect for those who have always wanted a rug but have felt limited in their options. If you are interested in such a rug, take a look at some of the available color options today, and see how you can transform your room. Visit City Cows website for more information.

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