The Benefits Of Hiring A Mini-Digger

Hiring A Mini-Digger

Excavators or diggers, are used the world over on construction sites. Basically, they are used to move large objects or to dig. They are made up of the driving base, that includes the cab where the driver and operator sits, and a boom arm. Attached to the arm will be a digging bucket or some other kind of attachment, depending on the job it’s performing. They are very expensive pieces of equipment and are often leased or hired. Mini-diggers or excavators are becoming a popular piece of equipment for the average householder to use. They can be hired to help with various activities. For example:

  • Landscaping

  • Digging trenches

  • Moving large objects

  • Agricultural site preparation

Buying a mini-digger is not within the budget of most people, which is why there are now a number of companies who hire them out. So, what are the benefits of hiring one?

Hiring A Mini-Digger

Easy to Use – you won’t need to attend a course or have lots of lessons. Learning to operate a mini-digger takes just a few minutes.

Easy to manoeuvre – they can fit into the tightest of spaces and are easy to manoeuvre.

Versatile – the range of jobs a mini-digger can perform is vast. From the smallest, such as digging and garden landscaping to much larger tasks such as those on a construction site. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes, with a variety of different attachments. A reputable hire company, such as Greenvale, will also offer a pick up and drop off service.

Inexpensive – hiring such a vehicle is obviously cheaper than buying one. If you only want to use one for a short period of time then hiring one is the most sensible option. The actual cost will depend on the size of the digger, the model, how long it will be used, where it needs to be taken to and whether any other services are provided.

Top quality equipment – to achieve the best possible results, you’ll need top quality equipment. A hire company will be able to provide the latest equipment, in tip-top condition. The maintenance of the equipment will be in the best hands and the vehicles should be the latest in the range.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Mini-digger

Before rushing out to hire a mini-digger you need to consider a few factors. There’s no denying they are a very useful piece of equipment to have around, but there are limitations. Where will you be using it, for example? Because they are so light in weight, operating on ground that is unstable or a steep slope can be an issue. Will wheels or a track be better? If the ground is smooth and flat then wheels will be a better choice. Whereas tracks will be better when the terrain is rough. If you’re going to be using it for digging, how deep do you want to dig? Diggers have different depths you need to bear in mind.

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