New Year, New Garden

With the New Year comes a number of resolutions that may have been broken, not the least of which is what should be done in one’s garden! While it might still be too cold to begin planting in January, that does not mean that there is not plenty that can be done to prepare for those April showers and May flowers. In fact, for many gardeners, the New Year offers the perfect time to get considerable amounts of work done in preparation for the growing season.

New Year, New Garden

Garden Planning

One of the most crucial aspects of preparing a garden is actually planning what will grow! Take time this month to consider not only what plants should be in the garden, but also where each should be located. While few can hope to manage the detail of the plan of a landscaper, graph paper will help lay out plans that will make planting go much more smoothly.


Speaking of garden planning, February offers a great time to begin working on non-living features of the garden. While temperatures may be too low for sowing seeds, there is nothing to prevent new pathways and paving from being built. In fact, no matter if paving stones, gravel, or any other material is used, establishing paths now gives the new routes time to settle.

Water Features, Fencing, and Decking

Water Features, Fencing, and Decking

Similarly, the New Year offers plenty of time to place any new water features that are planned for the garden. While a birdbath is an easy enough addition at any point of the year, a small pond or fountain added later could risk damaging some plants. By adding them now, that risk can be completely disregarded. It is also a great time to add any new fences or decks to the garden space, so as to be sure that construction has finished before the first plants go into the ground.

Soil Preparation

Finally, for those who simply cannot help but get their hands into the dirt this time of year, there are plenty of ways to improve the quality of soil for the growing season. Whether it is tilling the land, adding fertilizer, or adjusting the pH of the soil, plenty can be done to make those springtime blossoms all the brighter.
While little can be done with plants themselves this time of year, that does not mean that the New Year does not offer plenty of opportunity to make the most of a new, or existing, garden. The most important thing is to simply ascertain a design plan for the garden and then get to work!

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