Making The Most of a Small Bathroom

A lot of homes around the country will benefit from having a large, spacious bathroom or even a luxury wet room.

But what if your bathroom space is a lot smaller than most?

Sometimes it might be a headache to plan out the installation of a new bathroom if space is at a premium within your home. Here are a few ideas and options for helping you on your way to planning out your own small bathroom space: Choose smaller bathroom fittings There are plenty of space saving or concealed bathroom fittings on the market today. From small, space saving toilets to fully concealed toilets, the choice is yours.

 Wall mounted toilets allow the bulky cistern to be hidden inside of the wall, giving you a little more space to work with. If you’re choosing a basin, there are plenty of cloakroom style or corner basins that you can choose from. Each one will come with a space saving bottle trap or semi pedestal to give you a little extra floor space. Some cloakroom basins will require smaller, cheap taps which can be ideal if you’re working with a shoestring budget.

Use mirrors are a fantastic way of creating the illusion of space. If you can fill up an entire side wall with a custom built mirror, you’ll instantly create the illusion of double the space within the bathroom. If your budget does not allow for this, there are plenty of mirror tiles on the market today which are a much cheaper alternative and allow you to build your own mirror wall out of tile pieces.

Quadrant showers If you have a spare corner in the bathroom, why not install a quadrant shower enclosure. They have the benefit of taking up much less space than a conventional bath and look sleek and stylish. If you’re more of a bath person, consider adding a shower bath instead. This will allow the convenience of choice of a soak or a spritz in your morning routine – bliss! Change your door opening Perhaps the simplest way of creating a little extra space within a smaller bathroom is to reverse the door hinges and change the way that the door swings open. Allowing the door to open outwards, into your hallway will free up a lot more space within the bathroom itself. It’s a really easy fix and takes no time at all.

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