How To Choose The Best Water Heater For Your Home

Water Heater For Your Home

If you are looking to buy a gas heater, you must choose the most suitable for your home, and for this, you must take into account several factors, such as fuel, water consumption, type of ignition and how many services are going to be used.

What is the distance from the heater to your services? Not all water heaters can handle long distances.

The first thing to look for when choosing a gas heater is in the installation at home. If we do not have any installation, we must necessarily purchase an electric water heater, since the other heaters only use gas (butane, propane or natural gas) for their operation. It is also necessary to determine what type of heater fits your need the best. There are tankless water heater and also tank water heaters. Both have their pros and cons and you must research well to find the best one for you.

Water Heater For Your Home

Water consumption

Depending on the model, a heater can produce between 5 and 20 liters of hot water per minute. To ensure an adequate supply to our needs, we have to take into account several aspects: the hot water points (services) we have in the home (number of showers, sink or sinks), the flow of the tap or shower and the distance to the heater.

How many services do you use simultaneously? To calculate the number of services, consider the following information: each shower equals 1 service, each tub equals 3 or more services, each sink, washing machine or sink equals 0.5 services.

The capacity of the heater will determine that we can use hot water in one or two points of the house simultaneously.

Type of ignition

Lit match: as its name indicates, for the ignition of the same one it is necessary to press a button at the same time as a match is coming to the burner. They are the most basic heaters in the market.

Piezoelectric, torrent or spark train: it is also manual ignition. It contains a button that produces a torrent of sparks that causes the heater to turn on.

Both the ignition match and the piezoelectric are somewhat uncomfortable since it requires that we activate the flame every time we want to have hot water. Also, the shutdown is also manual, therefore, if the heater is not turned off, it continues to consume a minimum of gas, even if it is not producing hot water.

Automatic or electronic ignition (without pilot flame): the heater switches on automatically when it detects that there is a demand for hot water. Likewise, it shuts down when it finishes. These heaters can be operated with batteries or with a power source.

They are the most comfortable gas heaters to use since you do not have to pay attention to turn it on and off constantly. Also, they are the most efficient, since they are not permanently lit. By eliminating the use of the ignition pilot, they turn on only when it detects that there is a demand for hot water.

It is just a matter of taking some time to consider the needs of hot water in your home and the effort and money you are willing to invest in a new water heater.

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