How to Choose a Vanity for your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place to relax and forget about the strains and snags of your day. They are often the most renovated space of your home. Choosing the design, flooring, fixtures and most of all the vanity for your bathroom can be fun and exciting. After all, vanity counters are the focal point of the bathroom that reflect your style and help to create the ambience you desire.

Points to consider before choosing a vanity Personal Style Choose a vanity that goes with your style and personality. If you have a stylish home, you may want to opt for the chicest vanity available. On the other hand, if you have traditional home, choose antique, marble or wooden vanity for your bathroom. Sleek, minimalistic and functional vanities are adjustable in most of the homes while antique vanities may not fit into ultra-modern or modest homes. If you are creative and are artistically gifted, you can create customized vanities.

Size of the vanity large bathroom requires a bigger vanity so does a bathroom that is used by multiple number of people. Your size of vanity is also based on whether the space is used as a powder room or a master bath. Keep in mind the floor space, budget and storage area available before zeroing on a vanity.

Who is going to use? Is the vanity going to be used by kids, couple or a single person? Do you have space for storage? These are some of the question you must answer before choosing a vanity for your bathroom. You may want to re-adjust the size if the vanity you are installing is for the kids’ bathroom. Always opt for a vanity that provides good storage space.

Plumbing and flooring If you are renovating your bathroom, keep in mind that you may have to replace your flooring, in case the new vanity is of different size and shape. Also, if you have to change your pipelines to install your new vanity or if it is placed away from other bath fixtures, it is going to increase your renovation budget. Therefore, it is wise to choose a vanity that requires similar pipes as the old one to reduce your work.

Based on the usage, functionality and style, you can choose one of these vanities for your bathroom. Cabinet style This is the most commonly used type of vanity, which suits almost every bathroom. Although it may take considerable space, it offers significant storage option. There are cabinet vanities available to even suit petite bathrooms. They can be customized to suit your style and make your bathroom visually appealing.

Pedestal vanity for small bathrooms, installing pedestal sinks will provide more floor space. A recessed cabinet, floating shelf or a cabinet behind your pedestal sink can contribute to storage without constricting your bathroom space. This type of vanity is also ideal for powder room where you do not require much storage space.

Wall-mount vanity Like pedestal vanity, wall-mount or floating style vanity is suited for small, contemporary bathrooms. Attached to the wall, this type of vanity creates an illusion of space. The storage space in wall-mount vanity depends on its size, style and design.

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