How to Choose a Reliable House Cleaning & Maid Service

The work life is increasingly taking up more of our times that house cleaning and maintenance tasks are sometimes postponed week after week. Not all of us are lucky enough to find that reputable and friendly cleaning lady by ourselves. It is in these conditions that the professional home cleaning service providers seem quite useful. These service providers will be able to provide personnel for extra activities like window cleaning, wall cleaning and equipment cleaning in addition to the regular cleaning.

A clean home creates a positive atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy family time. In the busy everyday life, spending the available time for cleaning will take away any time you might have for relaxing and spending with the family. When you employ maids to clean and maintain your home, you can get your home cleaned as often as you like and at an affordable cost.

Tips to Find the Best Service

Every home is different and the requirements of each household are different too. A home with a crawling baby will require more frequent cleaning than a home without kids. Cleaning services have cropped up everywhere in the country and as the number of service providers are many you can get your home serviced and cleaned at quite affordable prices.

The only thing you should be careful about is the selection of the service agency. The most important concern people have in outsourcing the cleaning services is security. The agency you choose should have a good reputation.

You can first ask around your neighbors about any agency they use and the feedback. If they are satisfied, you can try talking to the same agency and find out their conditions. Choose the service provider who can guarantee you that the maids and cleaning professionals are all put through background checks and reference checks.

You should always choose an agency which guarantees bonding and insurance for all types of cleaning. If a worker is not insured and an accident happens when working on your home, you would be liable to compensate for the injuries sustained. The agency should be flexible and should be able to provide cleaning staff at the time you require. Easy booking of services and payment is a must.

There are some sites like Home joy that offer you online booking, payment and maintenance of schedules. Also you can choose an agency which can provide you with different kinds of cleaning including interiors and walls and even equipment’s like refrigerators, ovens, hobs and stove tops.

Tips to Ensure You Are Getting a Good Deal

Once you find a service provider suitable to you with professional and tested cleaners, you can think about what kind of cleaning services you would like and at what frequency. When you book for a cleaning service from the provider over phone or online, ensure that the costs shown are inclusive of all charges. Some companies might require you to tip the cleaner and this might be extra.

 The charges usually are shown as per hour charges and the time that will be required for cleaning will also be calculated and shown according to the size of your house. There can be small variations from the calculated time and hence charges might vary a little, but it should not be significant. You can talk to the customer service to find out if they have some member discounts. At many places, members get up to 25% discounts from standard rates.

Also every company will have a set procedure to follow which might cost less than a program you set up yourself. Even if you have to give your payment information at the time of booking, verify that you will not be charged anything until the cleaning is performed. When you request for a cleaner to work at your place, ensure with the customer service that the person will be fluent in English or in your native language so that you can explain your requirements clearly.

The cost of cleaning will generally include the cleaning supplies used by the cleaners. So you should ask what kind of chemicals and cleaning supplies they will use. Cleaning service providers like Home joy list out the kind of supplies used by their cleaners for the job. You can also request the cleaners to use the supplies you provide if you desire to use a certain product.

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