Choosing Suitable Towels for The Bathroom


Bathroom towels are some of the home’s most vital necessities. Indeed, families simply wouldn’t be able to keep themselves dry and clean if they didn’t have a decent towel collection in their bathroom. However, it’s not just in practical terms where these lifestyle essentials earn their stripes; towels can also be integral design elements too, helping to bring a bathroom’s décor together. Without doubt, bathrooms containing a beautiful selection of matching quality towels look – and feel – far superior to those which have multicolored, threadbare towels scattered around the place willy-nilly.

So, is there a knack to choosing the right towels for a bathroom?

Are there some hard and fast rules which individuals looking to turn their staid bathrooms into decadent retreats can follow?

Well, no; not really. Choosing a towel collection to help bring out the best in a bathroom involves nothing more than being aware of some industry terms and using a bit of good old-fashioned common sense.

Visual appeal & realistic longevity Many people rely on how nice and fluffy a towel feels to the touch when they go shopping for towel collections. However, it is the case that some towel manufacturers put softeners in their products in order to make them feel especially soft and appealing to browsing consumers. Sadly, some of these towels don’t stay quite so light and fluffy after they have been purchased and washed a few times. Therefore, it is in consumers own interests to make themselves aware of how the properties and fibers of a towel can affect its comfort and longevity.

Below are some of the most important things prospective towel buyers should make themselves aware of in this respect: Weight & Quality Weight is a relative indicator of a towel’s quality: the heavier a towel is, the better it will be (even the fluffiest will weigh more if they are of good quality).

As well as being reassuring to the touch, extra weight also makes a towel more absorbent, along with the density of its loops. Indeed, a towel with thick, tightly-packed loops will be far more absorbent than variants that have bases which are clearly visible. The best way to ascertain a towel’s weight is to look for its GSM. This will be printed on a label or included in the production description (if bought online). GSMGSM stands for grams per square meter.

A towel with a higher GSM (450+) is classed as being thick and heavy, ergo it will be more absorbent and durable. Consumers looking to buy towels for bathrooms should opt for variants affording a minimum of 500 GSM as this will provide them with a suitably soft and absorbent feel whenever they get out of the bath or shower.

Size Needless to say, consumers must consider which size towels will fit in their bathroom. As well as having standard sized face cloths and bath sheets to choose from, jumbo sheet towels measuring 100 x 200cms are also an option nowadays.

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