Author: robbert whitticker

Ideas for Designing a Vegetable Garden

In the working vegetable garden, the overall visual design may not be important. Vegetables are, of course, decorative in their own right, and even the most regimented plot, where everything is grown in rows, usually has some visual appeal. With this type of garden, however, the design is subordinate to convenience and output, with rectangular […]

Essential Guide to Decorating Rooms

You can imagine a thousand things to keep in your room but getting an idea for your room décor you need an expert advice or research over the internet. This will give you a direction and a way to start your work. Start from the basics, first the walls and then floors, ceiling, windows and […]

Low Budget Decorating Tips

Most of you always dream of having a complete and beautiful home that you can show off to your family and friends. However, there are many setbacks in achieving this while a limited budget and the rising costs of living are the main reasons. Therefore, most people have no idea how to make the dream […]