Adding Home Security to Your Home Improvement Plans

Adding Home Security

When we think of home improvement we immediately imagine upgrading bathrooms and kitchens, changing the floors and painting the rooms. However, home upgrades aren’t always just cosmetic. Protecting your home with the best security is also a critical part of modernizing your living space.

Upgrading Locks

Intruders are bolder than ever and locks need to be just as tough. Choose double bolt locking systems for all exterior doors to prevent forceful break-ins. Quality, reinforced locks make forced entry more difficult and discourage burglars. Often side garage doors and patio doors are neglected and heavy-duty locks placed primarily on front entries. However, most intruders case a home to find the weakest point and will choose that one door with the simplest and easiest lock to break in.

Adding Home Security

Secure-Locking Windows

Most intruders will avoid breaking window glass because of the noise it causes and instead attempt to disable the simpler locks found on standard windows. If upgrading your home, don’t go cheap on windows, select frames with barred interior locks that prevent the window from being opened from the outside, even if the lock is breached.

Security Alarms

Alarms are one of the biggest deterrents to home intruders. Blaring sirens are the first thing to drive away any burglar. Upgrading to motion detectors and alarms that send a signal directly to law enforcement also ensure protection for your home and family. Be sure to announce to potential intruders that an alarm system is in place with signage on the front lawn or door.

Video Surveillance

Mounting cameras at key locations outside your home is a clear deterrent to any burglar prowling the premises. Many modern monitoring systems also allow you to observe your property from a smartphone or to see who is ringing your doorbell from your home TV.

Protecting Home Computers

Intrusion isn’t just happening through your windows and doors. Computers today are as vulnerable as ever to viruses and malware. With this intrusive technology, hackers can enter your computer without you knowing it and steal sensitive personal information, never breaking a window or jimmying a lock. Upgrade all the personal computers in your home with Norton AntiVirus to protect infiltration from the cyberworld as well.  Get a discount on the latest anti-virus software from Norton with this money-saving coupon and complete your home protection.

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